Wednesday, April 15, 2009


i've been delighted with the amazing responses i've had to happytape! i knew i wasn't the only american who would love it!! i'm so excited to have been mentioned on Jordan Ferney OhHappyDay, ohdeedoh Apartment Therapy, Mighty Goods, Orange Beautiful, Krisatomic, armelle blog, CasaSugar, MightyHaus, and other blogs. i certainly underestimated the demand!

sadly, i have sold out of several sets! don't worry, though! i'll be all stocked up in a week or so! and this time, i won't be selling out so quickly!

keep sending your project pictures and ideas to happytape(at!) i'll be posting them soon!


  1. so cool! i love the apartment therapy ideas at

    the floor is totally over the top and the wallpaper and window screen are just so fun!

  2. Am wondering if you could post which sets you do have stock of. I'm clicking on so many that say coming soon. Which ones are in stock?

  3. hi ScrapScene,
    I have only single rolls in stock right now, in several colors. If you'd like a list, send an email (so I can get your address) to happytape(at!)