Tuesday, April 7, 2009

happytape packages are cute, too.

yay for colored masking tape! yay for japan! yay for washi paper! yay for all things japanese!


  1. this is such a cute, cute idea. so colorful and fun, who wouldn't want to receive this package?!

  2. Hi there - I just found your blog while doing research for a post (about tape) on my blog (about gift wrapping)! The address is http://thegiftedblog.wordpress.com if you'd like to stop by.

    Very charming. I love how you've styled your product photos and am definitely intrigued by washi tape. I will mention your shop in my post (scheduled for Nov. 2nd). I included two photos linked back to your shop - please let me know if you'd rather I not use the images, though!

    I saw this photo - are you in Ames?? I live in Southern California but my husband is from Iowa City.