Saturday, April 3, 2010

our colorful tape from japan spreads across the u.s.!

This spring has been very exciting for us at Happytape! First, the snow melted. Then, we had the good fortune of being featured in print in Better Homes and Gardens, Women's Day (gorgeous Easter eggs!), and The Knot, as well as the Kansas City Star. We've also been featured on several blogs. Thank you so much for gushing over us! We love, love, love our Happytape! and we're delighted that you do too! And now, we'll present several more new sets:


  1. I love, love, love this tape. I use it in my shop Le Box Boutique for gift packaging and custom gift baskets. It is perfect against my natural kraft boxes and bags! Also eco-friendly...I don't have to use wrapping paper. Happy tape is enough!

  2. I love your tape! Can't wait to get some!


  3. I want to eat the Lemonade collection for dinner! It's fabulous!